Meet The Mamas

Who’s a Mama?

We use the term “Mama” because that’s simply who we are to our kids. However, a Mama is anyone who takes care of children. Whether they are your own children or you care for someone else’s, biological or adopted, grandchild or great grandchild, raising children isn’t only reserved for those who birth them. Children are raised by the people who love them, care for them, and recognize the beautiful beings within. From wiping noses to bums, kissing boo-boos to sweet baby cheeks, and everything in between, being a Mama is an all-encompassing act of love and devotion to the little people in our lives. 

Molly is a wife and stay at home mama to two dinosaur loving boys. When she’s not in the daily trenches of mom life getting her crew fed, where they need to be, and entertained, she enjoys baking pie and listening to music that includes everything from Tupac to Dolly Parton. She knows every word to far too many children’s TV shows’ theme songs, and could help you find any item at Target in under 5 minutes.

Molly believes a good laugh and a cup of coffee have the power to turn around almost any day and that the most important thing in motherhood, or parenting in general, is to know that you’re not alone and that there’s another parent out there that gets it too.    

Aubree is a stay at home mama to three mischievous little charmers and wife to one mischievous not-as-little charmer. From daily dance parties to wrestling matches, her home is filled with equal parts joy, laughter, tears, and chaos. Aubree loves the outdoors, seasons, and food cooked with love. Once upon a time, Aubree was an organic vegetable farmer, and hopes to relocate the family back to the land someday soon.

From going on adventures with the kiddos (yes, even doing laundry with a coin-op machine in the basement is an adventure) to belting out Eric Church songs while drinking a Tank 7 and cooking dinner, Aubree knows she would not, could not, will not do this whole motherhood thing without the unconditional love and support of the mamas in her life.