When Holidays Sting

As far as holidays go, Mother’s Day is a mixed bag for me.

Like many people I have memories of celebrating Mother’s Day with my Mom when I was little. My Mother’s Day school project would be proudly displayed on the fridge while I made my best attempt at breakfast in bed. Most likely toast, yogurt, and orange juice.

As an adult things haven’t been so rosy either, and I’m intimately aware that for many people Mother’s Day is a difficult holiday.

For me personally, on the first Mother’s Day after our miscarriage the last thing I wanted to do was go out in public and see a bunch of women being celebrated for what my body was unable and struggling to do. Mother’s Day simply served as a painful reminder that I was not a mother.

Digging deeper into the mixed bag of Mother’s Day you’ll find people who don’t have a mother in their own lives. Maybe they lost their mother prematurely to illness, maybe their mother left, maybe they cut off a relationship with their mother for reasons of abuse or dysfunction.

There are also mother’s out there who have lost the person who called them “Mom”. For the women who have lost children a holiday celebrating a title they had can be excruciating.

There are millions of reasons why specific holidays can sting. So for this Mother’s Day I want you to know that if you’re not out at a restaurant celebrating, I see you. It’s not always my favorite holiday either and that’s ok. It doesn’t have to be. So if on Mother’s Day you want to sit at home and order a pizza, you do that. Just save me a slice.

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