Hey mama, and welcome to Mama Pep Talk!

This is a space for you to hear and share Pep Talks from, and with, other mamas. A Pep Talk can be inspiring, funny, or meet you in the middle of a mess. We see you, mama, we see you!

What makes Mama Pep Talk unique? Contributions are made by you, me, or the mama down the street. We are women and caretakers from all walks of life, who share the joy, heartbreak, and craziness on this journey of parenthood.

We understand that reading may take a back burner in your busy mama life, so Pep Talks are designed to be short, and easily accessible. So, no matter how little time you have, there’s always enough time to hear the reminder, You Got This!

We’ll be rolling out the first series of Pep Talks this week and look forward to connecting with you all. Click the subscribe link to follow!

You Got This,

Aubree & Molly